Departments, products and workflow

   Photography serves as an excellent tool in many photogrammetric projects. Using the aerial photographs from UAV, airplane or commercial satellite, we generate the best product layers (rasters or vectors), to serve all your requirements.

Photogrammetric workflow

   No matter the source, we are capable of processing and produsing high quality data, for fields like  agriculture, transport, electrical network, water supplies, sewage, forestry, flood management etc.

   Ensuring a high level of quality for all its products, according to existing standards, GISBOX has the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems

   Aerial Triangulation

   The Aerial Triangulation process can be accomplished easily for all kind of aerial sensors (both analog and digital) and also for satellite imagery


   Lidar Data Processing

   Based on Lidar data aquisition, Gisbox processing delivers high quality data:

  •  DTM (Digital Terrain Model)
  •  DSM (Digital Surface Model)
  •  Building Vector Data (LOD 1&2)
  •  Power Line vector data
  •  Volumetric Calculations
  •  Contours and elevation points
  •  Slope models, watershed, water level rise/flooding simulations etc

   Terrain Modeling

   Based on stereo models ( aerial triangulation results),  high quality DEM, DTM, contours lines and elevation point’s products can be obtained, in conformity with projects demands

   Digital Orthophotography

   Gisbox provides high quality orthophoto results, including TRUE orthophoto products, by respecting three quality levels:

  • Geometric fidelity
  • Absolute accuracy
  • Radiometric accuracy

   2D& 3D Feature Extraction

   Our advanced photogrammetry suite enables us to capture data from small to large scale orthophoto and stereo models, generating digital topographic maps of high precision. Gisbox provides accurate digital planimetric feature extraction for cartography mapping and 3D topo mapping

Viewing the features superimposed on the 3-dimensional digital aerial photograph, ensures that editing and collection time is accurate and complete. Layering and symbology can be customized to meet any specification or software format


   UAV data aquisition (wing or hexa/octo-copter) can sometimes be the simple way for a fast and precise mapping

   3D Modeling

   3D modeling or 3D reconstruction it’s a special approach of data processing, based on special algorithms, that can be accomplish for images with an aquisition angle of aprox. 30 degrees, but multiple wieving can increase the reconstruction details and accuracy.