• GISBOX households experts in GIS, Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Satellite Imagery and Radar and well-trained technicians on all Photogrammetry and GIS tasks.
  • Our team of experts have more than 11 years of experience, participating in projects around the world for developing, infrastructure, agriculture, risks & hazards and so on, like :
    • France : “Registre Parcelaire Graphique 2015”- French LPIS
    • Sudan : “Dams implementation Unit” – project done under the IGNFI’s leadership
    • Haiti : ” Disaster Management and Vulnerability reduction for the Republic of Haiti” –   LiDAR and Orthophoto Mapping, nationwide
    • ESA: “Large SCALE EO Exploitation Activities in Support of international Development Initiatives” – EO4SD URBAN
    • UE (JRC): “Copernicus High Resolution Spot Monitoring -LOT2” – a global land high-resolution service generated under the global land component of the Copernicus Land Service
    • UE (EEA): “Small Woody Features Copernicus Land monitoring services High Resolution” – land cover data control of the small forest elements for the reference year 2015
    • UE (EEA): “Small Woody Features Copernicus Land monitoring services High Resolution” – land cover data control of the woody elements for the reference year 2018
    • UE (JRC): “Copernicus Local Land Monitoring Services”- URBAN ATLAS, an operational service  that offers  detailed urban land use maps for the most populated urban areas across Europe
    • ESA : “EO4SD Fragility, Conflict and Security” – EO4SD FRAGILITY
    • Uganda : “National Center for Land Information”; project done under the IGNFI’s leadership
    • Other small projects ( services and consulting) for private clients, in countries like Belgium, Germany, Italy, Anguilla, France, Romania, Qatar, India, Gabon, Benin, Senegal, Tanzania etc.
  • Following the new trends for UAV we have stared and successfully completed projects in Romania for mining, infrastructure and agriculture.
  • All GISBOX projects have been delivered to the timescale defined by the beneficiary to the highest technical quality. Our day-to-day work is managed on a project basis, each with its plan and deliverables with the associated quality requirements.
  • Processing methodologies are approved by a senior member of staff, output products are manually inspected for integrity, conformity and completeness. Records of data processing actions are routinely kept for all work.

   Ensuring a high quality level for all its products, according to international standards, GISBOX tend to develop and keep up with the new market tendencies by implementing and providing  always the best solution for the client needs.