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Gisbox - Photogrammetry & GIS

      GISBOX Romania

      GISBOX is a Romanian company with complex activities of Photogrammetry and GIS. Our high-precision photogrammetric and remote sensing services offered by an highly experienced team makes us really competitive on the market.

      Our services are intended to meet the diverse needs of our clientele efficiently and our project methodologies are based on the specific set of customer requirements.

      Our company provides complete solutions for all standard tasks in digital photogrammetry services such as aerial triangulation, DEM / DTM generation, stereo restitution, topographic and planimetric feature extraction, orthophoto production, color balancing, mosaicking and tile generation, contour generation, elevation points generation, 3D terrain visualization, orthophotography services and LiDAR data processing.

      Photography serves as an excellent tool in many GIS projects. Using the aerial photographs provided, we generate the best GIS layers (rasters or vectors), to serve all your requirements. We are capable of various geospatial analytical procedures for users in agriculture, transport, electrical network, water supplies, sewage, forestry, flood management, etc.

        For specific activities and short description see our provided production services.